Benefits of Organising Your Documents

.Benefits of Organising Your Documents

For some people tidying up and getting organised can be daunting. They prefer to procrastinate on organisational tasks because their busy work schedules won’t allow them to have time to set up a system and manage their paperwork.

Whether it’s for your office or home documents, keeping organised is a habit everyone should practice. Below are the reasons why.

1. Increases your productivity

Studies have shown that people can gain focus with an organised desk. The piles of paper on your desk are a distraction that can cause a lack of attention which makes you less productive. By keeping your desk clutter-free and organised, you can save time looking for things and focus on more important tasks.

2. Reduce your stress level

Stress has been linked to many serious diseases and one of the common causes of stress is clutter. Being surrounded by too much work can be overwhelming. You will start to panic just by looking at the piles of papers on your desk. Knowing where to find the documents that you need quickly and easily is one of the advantages of being organised. You will never have to keep your boss waiting if you can locate an important file, or be late to meetings or miss a deadline.

3. You have more time

According to a recent survey, an average executive wastes a total of six weeks per year just being unable to find information through unorganised files. Organisation and punctuality are important if you want to impress your manager. Make sure that you do not lose track of time.

4. Save and make more money

Unorganised documentation can leave you with unpaid bills, late charges and interest fees that may be due. Because of the lack of organisation deadlines will not be made.

5. Increase your focus

De-cluttering your things is the first step to organising your life. A tidy desk means a clear focused mind.

6. You’ll be prepared for emergencies

Most of the time, you only seem to remember about your important documents when you need them. And, oftentimes, you can’t find them because you either don’t have an organised system for your important documents or the last time you used them, you simply tossed it back into the sea of papers on your desk instead of putting it back to its folder. Keeping detailed records of personal information, financial statements, health history and account ownership is very important. Keep them in a separate and secured storage that is easily accessible.

7. Provide you identity and financial protection

Keeping your financial records is critical, especially with banks and third-party institutions that take the responsibility to pay debts under your name.

Effective methods to organise your files:
Gather all files that need to be organised
Sort your files by category
Use a colour coding system
Label your files
File them alphabetically

How to maintain your files organised:
Make sure to create a file basket
Schedule a time or a day each week to add or remove files
Make sure that people with access to your files understand how you sort them
Keep important documents in a secured place

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