January: Surprising Truths About Document Storage!

.January: Surprising Truths About Document Storage!
Not everyone is quite familiar with what a document storage is, however, if your job is being an office manager, it means that document storage is vital to your company’s operations. It might not be the most exciting part of your job as an office manager but knowing where to put your company’s documents will help you maintain the privacy, security, and compliance of the company.
If you are working with document storage internally, there is a great risk that information will leak and expose your company to fines and even litigation. Hiring a document storage company, a professional one, reduces this risk and at the same time increases operational efficiency. We’ve written this article to tell you the truth about professional document storage services that will help you decide whether or not to hire one.
It is affordable
You may be thinking that hiring a professional document storage is expensive and you could save more money by skipping this service and just storing them in your office. You might want to think again! Professional storage costs less than your daily cup of coffee and can store up to 100 boxes of office records.
If you think about the potential costs of lost, damaged, misplaced or stolen papers the costs of hiring a professional document storage are something you’d want to invest in. Just don’t forget to find yourself a trustworthy document storage company.
It offers convenience
Driving to your office’s off-site storage can be frustrating and time-consuming. If you add up all the time you spent driving to and from the company’s storage locker, you’ll realize that you could have gotten more important projects done if you stayed in the office. Professional document storage companies can provide you with the option of providing the storage boxes, picking it up and transporting it to the storage facility.
It is not JUST storage
Did you know that document storage companies offer more than just storage? These companies can offer full records management and the automation of important services like shredding. Records management includes records retention scheduling in which they destroy document confidentially when they reach the end of their useful time.
These are some facts that you might not be totally familiar with and we hope that you start looking at document storage as what it really is — a good investment. Again, a friendly reminder that you must look for a document storage company that values you, your safety, and your privacy.
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