Things To Remember For A Successful Document Storage

.Things To Remember For A Successful Document Storage

Even in today’s digital age, some businesses still need to keep their paper documents. After a few years, the volume of paper record grows, and often take up too much space in the office. To avoid this problem, many businesses have found the benefits of offsite document storage.

Document storage companies provide a secure and controlled environment to protect and preserve private business documents whilst providing more efficient ways to optimise workflow in your business. There are a lot of advantages in keeping your business files in a document storage facility. Aside from the security, you can be assured quick access to your files whenever needed. If you are considering archiving your documents in a storage facility, here is a guide on the things you should remember if you plan to rent a document storage unit.

Find a reliable storage facility. Factors such as temperature, light and humidity have direct effects on paper so it is important to find a storage facility that have the capacity to protect your documents from harsh weather conditions.

Don’t just choose the first storage facility you come across. Try to look at different offsite document storage providers in your area and compare what they offer so you can be sure that you are getting the best option that fits all your document storage needs.

Check the security options. Different storage facilities may provide different security features so it is important to get to know what a facility provides, especially when you plan to keep highly confidential documents.

Don’t wrap items in plastic unnecessarily. While you want to protect your documents, wrapping it in plastic will not necessarily help because it can trap moisture and humidity that will only allow mould and mildew to grow.

Organise your documents. When your documents are arranged and systematised, it will be easier to find files that you need.

Don’t store documents that can otherwise be disposed of. To maximise your storage space, decide if the documents are really worth storing and protecting. Some documents that are no longer relevant to you or your business are better off going into the shredder.

Clearly label your documents. This will go a long way when you need certain documents.

Don’t store all your documents in an offsite document storage facility. Aside from using up all your storage space, keeping all your documents in a storage facility will only hamper your productivity in case you suddenly need a file that you put inside. Instead, choose the documents that you know you will only need occasionally so you won’t need to request access to your files every single day.

Limit access to your unit. If you decide to get one whole unit for your business, only provide access to essential personnel, especially if these are confidential business files.

Offsite document storage facilities have been very beneficial especially to small business with limited office space. If you are looking for a place to store your important files, we at Archive This can provide all your document storage needs. We understand that your documents not only need to be securely stored but they also need to be accessible when you need them. Here we provide a document storage exclusively for your business or shared units that can accommodate multiple businesses. All the boxes sent to be stored in our units are labelled with a unique code through our document management system for fast and easy recovery and for tracking in and out of our storage facility. If you have questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01179 516325.