Why is Remote Storage Better than In-House Document Storage?

.Why is Remote Storage Better than In-House Document Storage?

Businesses across the UK are realising the importance of using remote document storage as an alternative to in-house storage. By doing this, they gain many benefits in the protection of their business documents. It is greatly noticeable that senior management staff are now becoming more aware of the benefits attached to hiring a remote document storage.

Remote Document Storage vs. In-House Document Storage
When compared to in-house document storage, remote document storage has added benefits, so comparing the two is important when you decide which to choose. Here are some of the potential issues that you need to consider before making a final decision:

1.   Theft of Documentation
In any business, document theft is detrimental as it will have a major effect on the success of your business. Once you move your document storage to an offsite location, you are able to remove the possibility of having important data being stolen. Remote document storage units, such as Archive This, offer monitored security and 24/7 CCTV systems. This ensures that all documents are watched over and protected. There is also unique management systems and barcode tracking that remote document storage offers to make sure that all documents placed in their care are given top security.

2.    Environmental Damage and Unforeseen Disasters
Although natural disasters are not common in the UK, one should still be prepared as the consequences can be problematic. Businesses that store documents in-house may not have storage and safety structures in place to withstand disasters such as flooding or earthquake.

On the other hand, remote storage takes specific steps to ensure that your documents are well-protected and organised. Remote document storage has features such as temperature control and boxes that are scientifically designed to protect your documents from a damp or humid environment.

3.    Damage Risk
Aside from environmental damage, you also have to consider that paper is not a durable material. Over time, your documents may fade or get eaten by insects. In an offsite document storage facility, there is a very little possibility of this happening.

4.    Human Error
We all know that within the workplace human error is a common occurrence, this can lead to loss or damage to crucial documents. The scanning system used in the remote storage facility removes any difficulty of locating an individual document. The scanning system will show who previously used the document and when it was filed, allowing you to track which staff member was working on the document.

5.    Cost
Did you know that the cost of keeping an in-house document storage is more expensive than a remote document storage? The space that the documents occupy in your office space can be used in more productive activities or additional tables for employees. This adds more value to your business than letting it be cramped by paperwork.

6.    Space
Offsite document storage can increase your office space. When old documents are archived, storing them in an offsite storage can remove clutter from your desks and free up space to make room for newer more important documents.

In summary, an offsite document storage facility provides increased security, safety and care for your documents, while being easily obtainable if required in the future.

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